Some people dream of success. We dream of solutions to the challanges you present us with.


I walked in the front door of a building under construction one day and the builder was attacking a block wall with a grinder and a jack hammer. He looked at me and said, "I need you to get power over here because I am putting an onyx in the wall and it needs back lighting and it needs to be dimmable". I said I know about lights and wires and dimmers but what is an onyx. The photo to the left is the result. I felt like runnung out the door but we worked together and that was the result.

So if you have a yearning to do something, maybe we can discuss what it is and see what we can work out.


You might not have a shed this big but it still needs lights and power points. Even this big one has energy efficient lighting so it doesn't cost the earth to run the lights

This weekender only has a couple of power points but it's a lot more comfortable with that than without.

We can't guarantee that we can make your kitchen look like this but when a few tradies get together the outcome may amaze you.

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